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Proprietary Website Software Updated for Mobile Viewing

Our proprietary website software has been updated for mobile viewing. This allows for better viewing of websites on tablets and cell phones. Viewing on desktops is for the most part un-affected but the changes can be visualized when reducing the size of the browser window.

Impact: 6/10
Applied on February 21 2018

Update Descriptive Website Content Update was updated with more information about metal, nylon and plastic spudgers. The information provided gives customers a better understanding of the tools we have available and what to expect during the purchasing process.

Impact: 1/10
Applied on February 20 2018


Information Works Website Design Cleanup

Information Works has received an updated logo and the overall website design has been cleaned up. Disqus has been installed on informational pages allowing users to post their comments on any given subject.

Impact: 7/10
Applied on February 20 2018


Interfuse LLC. Website Navigation & Design Updated

The Interfuse LLC. website has been updated with new navigation software and a simplified design. Most of the content we provide on the site remains untouched however we have plans to install new features and remove some older features from the site.

Impact: 10/10
Applied on February 19 2018


LinkTo.Directory Website Launched

New Website Launched, LinkTo.Directory is a one of a kind project where the directory hybrid search engine automatically indexes web pages that are linked to it.

Impact: 10/10
Applied on February 15 2018

Launch Website Launched

New Web Store, launched. This site features a tool commonly used in small electronics repair where sensitive parts need to be pried, held in place, attached or detached from circuit boards. The store currently features a selection of these tools which we plan to add to in the next month.

Impact: 10/10
Applied on February 09 2018

Launch Website Launched

New Web Store, launched. The site features OBD2 Scanners and a host of diagnostic tools and accessories for diagnosing problems with your vehicle. The site currently features a small selection of products but we are working to establish distribution partnerships and channels for more OBD2 scanners.

Impact: 10/10
Applied on February 02 2018

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