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About Us

Interfuse LLC. is a Web Development company founded by Nick Niesen, who owns and operates numerous web properties. We have been developing websites since 1995 and the Interfuse brand was founded in 2009. We have been on the cutting edge of web technologies since our inception and strive to release technologies that are valuable to the public. Our top properties have been rated Top 10,000 on Alexa during our peak and since dropped back as large pushes for massive volumes of traffic have reduced.

Our web properties are primarily experimental however web businesses are strongly associated with them in order to bring in the revenue required to continue research.

We welcome you to visit properties we maintain and browse what they have to offer.

Websites We Maintain

Madison Liquidators

Madison Liquidators is a new and used office furniture companies that specializes in liquidations and helping businesses go through transformations.


Uberant is an experimental site currently hosting over 150,000 articles and progressing into new territory with search technologies.

Casino Gambling Club

Casino Gambling Club hosts reviews of both online and land based casinos. This website is in it’s infancy and as time goes on will become more established with reviews.


Homepage This is a free tool for your web browser. It allows you to store all of your most accessed links on your browsers startpage.

Top Site Net has a long history and is the planned future location for primary development between 2017 and 2020.

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