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Interfuse LLC. is a web development company that specializes in creating high-end niche websites of all kinds. These custom programmed sites are created using numerous technologies including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a host of other programming languages and applications. The company was founded by Nick Niesen who has been developing websites since 1995. The Interfuse brand was founded in 2009.

Since that time Interfuse has worked to help countless business establish themselves online which includes businesses in the industries of Office Furniture, Insurance, ecommerce and information driven web sites. Interfuse in most cases does not accept new clients as new properties developed by Interfuse are also owned by the founder of Interfuse as separate business entities.

Interfuse prides itself in it’s ability to offer high end web properties which are on the cutting edge of technology. It’s ability to create new technologies and adapt existing technologies has given the company the capabilities to thrive in an ever changing environment.

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