Greene-Niesen Insurance Quoting Software & Design Update

Applied By: Nick N.
Applied On: March 20 2018
Type: Update
Impact: 3/10

We have made a few minor changes to the quoting software on the Greene-Niesen Insurance Agency website. These changes have been applied to help better serve customers who are in need of insurance quotes in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Additional minor design changes have been applied to the website which includes emboldened contact information in order to help customers reach out to the agency.

We always make our best effort to make website interfaces as user friendly as possible. With input from Greene-Niesen Insurance we were able to make decisions and apply updates in order to help users better navigate and utilize the website for their distinct purposes whether it be informational or for receiving an insurance quote. A few additional minor updates are planned to verbiage on the website however are scheduled to be implemented at a later date.

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