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What is the PRWebCloud?

It is a directory of websites who link to Interfuse. The directory is dynamic and changes frequently based on the content provided on the pages we index and on the amount of traffic that is detected from the pages. Any website can get listed in the cloud by simply linking to

How do I get my site listed on PRWebCloud?

Just link to any page on our website and your site will be queued to be added to our index, usually within 3-5 minutes.

If I remove my links to you will my links be removed from the PRWebCloud?

Yes, eventually they will fall to the bottom of the list and potentially removed from the group entirely.

How do I ensure the maximum exposure on your site?

Link to our site on your site in multiple locations and possible to multiple pages. We have a knowledgebase with great information that you can link to and sweepstakes giveaways that can also be of benefit to your audience.

How do my meta-keywords affect my listings on your site?

Your meta-keywords are extremely important. If you pick words that are unrelated to your site, the pages we link to you on may be irrelevant.

Can I link to any page on your website and have it detected to bump my link?

Yes, you can link to any page on our website, all traffic will be detected.

How often will my site be crawled?

Our crawler will visit anywhere from once per day to 1-2 times per week.

How do I insure my links stay visible on your site?

Adding a link to your header, footer or sidebar to our homepage will insure that your listings will stay active and featured in our directory.

The keywords my site is linked on do not match my meta-keywords, why is that?

Our system may over-ride your keyword input with keywords it has found to be more closely related to your site.

I am clicking through from my site to yours but my link is not showing up, what should I do?

Make sure that your website has title tags, a meta-description tag and meta-keyword tags. Without these, your site may be viewed as incomplete and not added to our index. In order to insure our crawler is fetching your site properly, use the Site Crawler Fetch tool to manually trigger a review and check whether it is able to receive complete results from your site.

Do you allow links to all websites?

No, currently we do not allow links to adult web sites or any otherwise unethical websites. These sites are periodically filtered and flagged for removal from the system.

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