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ELM327 WiFi Setup Manual for Windows

Published on November 19, 2015 by Nick
ELM327 WiFi Windows Manaul

Download and Print the Windows Wi-Fi ELM327 Setup Instruction Manual

  1. Start your vehicle or make sure the ignition switch has power to the battery.
  2. Connect the ELM Interface to your vehicle.
  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi OBD Network, if it asks for a password enter “12345678”
  4. Locate your Wireless Adapter Settings within the Network Connections Control Panel > Right-Click Properties > Select Internet Protocol Version 4 > Click Properties. On the following screen assign the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask:
  5. Install and Open the ScanMaster-ELM Demo Software
  6. Click Options, Communication and Set Interface Type: WLAN, IP Address: & Port: 35000
  7. Navigate to the Start Menu Tab and click Connect
  8. The ELM327 adapter should begin sending real-time data and trouble codes to your computer.


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