Writer / Content Producer

We are a web development company that is looking for part time writer to complete writing based tasks for us on an as needed basis. We are flexible with hours and a private office for you to write in located in Middleton Wisconsin. The job could become a full time position but to start should be considered as a temporary position.

Common tasks:

  • Write definitive guides on a variety of subjects ranging from 1,500-5,000 words per document
  • Write small Informational pages ranging from 200-500 words per document
  • Write small descriptive paragraphs about web pages located within our network


  • Proficient in English and use of proper grammar
  • Passionate about writing
  • Ability to research and write about any subject

Benefits of working with our company:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Friendly staff and quiet work environment
  • Pay based on experience

To apply send your resume along with your contact information to support@interfusellc.com.

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