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Joe V
51 Months Ago

Hello, I recently bought a ELM 327 mini Bluetooth Interface from a company called It came with a copy of the ScanMaster-ELM software. I paid .99 for the software and the interface packaged together. For some reason the ScanMaster-ELM software will not establish a Bluetooth connection through the interface to the ECU. Every time I try to make a connection I get a failure to connect error message from the ScanMaster software. After doing some troubleshooting and research I think the problem is that the interface I purchased from is using a cheap, Chinese copy of the original ELM 327 chip. The ScanMaster - ELM software is made by a German company named WGSoft. I have gone onto the WGSoft website. It's mostly in German but there appears to be a warning on the website referring to connection problems when trying to use ScanMaster together with cheap, Chinese copies of the ELM 327 chip. I have contacted customer support at, but that hasn't gotten me anywhere. I'm at a point where I think it might be time to just buy another ELM 327 interface from someone else - like this website perhaps. At this point worrying about the .99 I paid isn't a priority. I just want something that will work with the ScanMaster software that I already have so I can start diagnosing the vehicle instead of trying to get the interface to function correctly. So what are my best, easiest and most reliable interface options? I'm using a IBM Thinkpad laptop that has factory Bluetooth and USB installed. It also has aftermarket WI-FI as well. And the computer is running Windows XP. Thanks for your help. Regards, Joe V

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