ELM327 OBD-II Software Guide

Attention: If after reading through this guide you still need support, proceed to the OBD-II Diagnostic Forum and post so we can troubleshoot your problem. If your scanner has faults and you did not purchase it directly from us, we suggest to return the item and buy an Interfuse ELM327 diagnostic scanner from of our store. These scanners are free from faults.

Getting Started

There are many different software packages you can use to scan your vehicle for realtime information and error codes. Here we are collecting information and offering links to download these packages. Over time, this guide is likely to be updated and changed to become more comprehensive with full reviews and screenshots. Check back from time to time for the latest updates.

If we were to recommend a software package to get you started we suggest Torque for Android mobile phones and EasyOBD-II for Windows laptops. All of the applications are relitively light weight, meaning, they will not be heavy on system resources. When installing onto windows, take care not to over-write newer system files with older system files.

Setup Instructions

ELM327 Drivers

Windows ELM327 Drivers
If you are connected to the internet, Windows Update should install the drivers for you. If they do not install automatically first we suggest to check in the Windows Device Manager and attempt to have Windows troubleshoot the problem by right clicking on the hardwre and clicking the troublshoot setting. If this does not produce results there are two sets of drivers that may be installed depending who manufactured your equipment. The first (older set of drivers) may be downloaded here, otherwise we suggest you start with the latest CP210x VCP driver, here.

Mac OSX ELM327 Drivers
For OSX the FTDI VCP Drivers should do the trick for you, remember to restart your computer after the drivers are installed. If that driver doesn’t seem to have any effect, install the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Driver.

ELM327 Software

Download the complete Elm327 Software Archive.

Freeware ELM327 Software

Demo & License Based ELM327 Software Packages

For Android (Bluetooth ELM327 users), check the Play Store for OBD-II compatible applications, we recommend Torque Free and Torque Pro.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (WiFi ELM327 users) you can run a search for OBD-II applications in the app store. Many applications are not compatible but we have tested and connected to ELM327 scanners with FuzzyCar, Rev and DashCommand. Our only recommendation here is to use DashCommand as FuzzyCar has since been de-activated and the Rev application seems very limited in comparison.

ELM327 FAQ’s

What is the Bluetooth Pairing Code?
Most adapters use ’0000′, ’1234′ or ’6789′.

What vehicles are your OBD-II adapters compatible with?
The interfaces work with OBD-II Compliant vehicles. There are two things to check for to see if your vehicle is OBD-II Compliant: 1) Look for a sticker under the hood, on the sticker it should say “OBD-II Compliant” or 2) Look under the steering column or the dash for an OBD-II Adapter. Find either of those and the interface will work.

I am not sure which COM-Port to select, how do I know which port my USB OBD-II adapter is assigned to?
You can find the COM number in the Device Manager control panel. The hardware can be found under the ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’ sub-menu. If you can’t find it, unplug the device and plug it back in. You can watch for the hardware to show up in real-time.

How do I change the COM-Port number assigned to the device?
Go to the Device Manager control panel and locate the OBD-II Adapter under the ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’ sub menu. It may be titled ‘USB Serial Port’, if you can’t locate it, unplug the adapter and plug it back in, you can watch it show up in real-time. Right click on the device and click ‘Properties’, click the ‘Port Settings’ tab and finally the click ‘Advanced’ button. Here you can change the COM-Port number, we suggest any COM Port between 2 and 5. Click ‘Ok’ to save your settings.

I have paired a Bluetooth OBD-II Adapter to my computer but when I attempt to connect to the assigned COM-Port it will not connect to the interface. What do I do?

We suggest reinstalling the device drivers. Here is a step by step:

These instructions are written specifically from Windows 7, if you are using a different Windows Operating System, the steps you need to take should be similar.

  1. Open the Device Manager control panel
  2. Find the COM & LPT menu and right click on the item titled ‘Standard Serial over Bluetooth link’ and select Uninstall. If there are two items, uninstall each of them.
  3. From the Bluetooth control panel, also remove the OBD-II adapter from there, right-click and remove the device.
  4. Start your vehicle, plug in the adapter and click to ‘Add a Device’ in the Bluetooth menu. It will come up and you can enter the pairing code.
  5. Let everything re-install from scratch, it might take a minute or two for the adapter to finally show up in the device manager under the COM & LPT menu. You can have that open during the entire installation to watch its progress.
  6. If the COM-Port was set 4 or similar before, it should install to the same COM-Port. We suggest using any COM 2-5. This can be changed from the properties menu.
  7. Open easy EasyOBD-II (this can be downloaded from our website) and connect to the COM-Port. The device at this point will begin to identify your scanner hardware and you are ready to ‘Go Online’ with your vehicle.If you changed the COM-Port during this process and EasyOBD-II is unable to connect to your diagnostic scanner, we suggest to conduct the reinstallation a second time starting from step one.

Any other questions? For a direct response to your question, post it to our ELM 327 Forum, to add information for future visitors, post your questions to the ELM327 Q&A Forum.

Interfuse ELM327 Scanners

High-Quality diagnostic scanners, fast, reliable and include a 12-Month Warranty.

View more…

Generic ELM327 Scanners

You may have seen these floating around the internet. You can buy these from anyone but take care and purchase through a trusted seller. If the seller does not have an outstanding reputation you may receive a low quality scanner with broken or loose parts, inability to scan your vehicles computer or even connect via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. It should be mentioned that we only supply high-quality scanners without these problems, we back them with a 90-day warranty and even cover return shipping costs if anything comes up.

View more…


Highlighted through-out this guide and on this website are various ways you can interact with us and other visitors. We want to make this a quality community and knowledge-base for vehicle diagnostics and technology and encourage you to interact with the community as much as possible. You can do this by commenting directly on our blog posts (like this one), posting to our message forums, and interacting with our Q&A web based application.

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93 Responses

  1. herve papis

    i can not install the elm 327 with windows 7 ?

    • All of the Windows compatible software should work on Windows 7. The device driver should automatically install when you connect the interface to your computer.

  2. Aaron

    Me either. I have windows 7 as well, it says installing device driver software then instantly says it failed because the driver was not found.

    • Uninstall the elm from the Device Manager control panel while it is plugged in. It’s under the Ports tab. It may be labeled ‘USB Serial Port’. If you’re not sure, unplug it from your computer, plug it back in and wait for it to show up in the device manger. After it is uninstalled, plug it back in and wait for the drivers to reinstall themselves. You may need to be connected to the internet for Windows to find the drivers.

      • Rick

        Having the same problem here. USB driver does not install. The ELM shows up in device manager under other devices as “FT232R USB UART”. I uninstall the “device”, plug the ELM back in to no avail. Which USB driver do I use in a Win 764 laptop?

        • If the hardware shows up in the device manager as you described, the driver is installed.

          • Rick

            I wish that was true.

            The device shows up in the device manager under Other Devices as “FT232R USB UART” with an exclamation point next to it. Under properties it says the drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

            In any event, I cannot get the interface to communicate with EasyOBDII.

          • We worked with Rick to find a solution to this problem. In the investigation we found two problems; there was no internet connection available to automatically download the drivers and secondly when we did get connected, a box was check to not allow windows update to download new ‘Driver and Other Updates’. With these two items set correctly we were able to re-install the hardware and have the FTDI device drivers install effortlessly.

  3. Does anyone know what software I can use with my ELM327 to reset an air bag light?


  4. stefendy

    Today I received the ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II Scan Diagnostic Utility v1.4, then I attach it to a Toyota Fortuner 2.7l (Indonesian edition) premises torque at Android 2.2 froyo, to be pairing with bluetooth either but on the information status of the connection to ecu not can connect, how to get connected connection on the ecu?

    • After it is paired to your Android device, select the OBDII Scanner from the preferences menu in Torque. Then back out of the menu and go to the realtime-data section of Torque Pro or otherwise the screen with the gauges in Torque-Lite. Give it 30-60 seconds to connect to the ECU.

  5. nathaniel

    ive tried everything and nothing works for my usb plug in it does not show up under “‘Ports (COM & LPT)’ but rather then under my “network adaptors” and it comes up as this (Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) and i cannot change the comp port name for it to work in EASY OBDII ive reinstalled the driver several times and it even says it doesnt need to be updated that its up to date

    • A Bluetooth Adapter on the Windows 7 OS will show up on both the Network Adapters sub-menu along with the Ports (COM & LPT) sub-menu. In the COM menu it will be titled ‘ Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COM3)’. The COM number may be different. If it does not appear you may try reinstalling the device drivers. To do this, uninstall the adapter from the from the Device Manager control panel and re-connect to it via Bluetooth. This will begin the driver installation procedure. You should not need to download any drivers from this page for the device to install successfully.

  6. ham

    i bought ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II Scan Diagnostic Utility v1.4 bluetooth,all settings ok,vehicle 2006 toyota fortuner 3.0 d4d Brunei,i use easyobd and when i click go online with vehicle it keeps saying no power and when i use scantool net 113 it keeps saying please make sure your vehicle is on position and check the connection,i repeatedly remove the obd and put it back in and reset the hardware,butstill the same thing pops up.

  7. bill

    The hardware device works and connects with my Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter, but only SOME software will interface. Digimoto-lite and scanmaster will connect, EasyOBD2 will not under any circumstances connect to the USB/bluetooth device even after trying different port settings.

  8. Brian

    I just got the interfuse link block ELM327 OBD II scan tool for Christmas. Using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet I loaded torque pro. I went out to my garage and plugged it into my 99′ Mustang GT and paired the device. It went smoothly. I never had any troubles and the codes came back with no issues. BUT….When I tried to start my car now all it does is crank and crank…I looked for blown fuses and checked the fuel pump to make sure it was working. The car just cranks over…The tach function on torque reads the engine is turning over too. But my car wont start. I am very unhappy.

    • After working with this customer it was found that the vehicles security system disabled the vehicle when it detected the OBD-II was accessed. This is not standard operating procedure as the OBD-II port often accessed by mechanics. We assume it was a 3rd party aftermarket security system.

  9. Joe

    I purchased the ELM 327 and Im trying to use the easy OBDII as suggested and the com ports connect on but then when they scan tool gets to cheak the interface hardware it says “interface communitcation failure -cheak connections and power” any idea the cause of this?

    • I would try uninstalling the device drivers from the Device Manager and remove the pair from the Bluetooth Menu. Then reconnect the hardware and attempt to connect to the COM-Port with the default settings.

  10. Joe Lane

    If the car is connected to a remote PC via a long USB extension cable would this create a problem?

    • It is possible there would be some data loss over a cable 6 feet long. A better option would be Bluetooth. I would suggest with a normal bluetooth dongle you could reach ~10 feet however it is suggested that a Class 1 dongle could give you 100 m (or ~300 foot) range. If you need just a few more feet we would use a more reliable OBD-II extension cable over the USB Extension cable. We will give it a shot here, see if we can connect to a vehicle from inside our office (~50 feet) and post the results back.

  11. Richie

    I am using a ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth and windows 7 + a serioux nano bluetooth adapter.. i can see the device.. i can pair with it.. even activate the serial port from the service.. but my software can’t detect the device. it scans every port and doesn’t find it.. what should i do?

    • Are you connecting to the right port? You can find the port under the Device Manager control panel. You may have to re-assign the hardware to a new COM Port.

  12. Excellent weblog here! Additionally your web site quite a bit up fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate hyperlink in your host? I want my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  13. Bill Stephens

    I just received my Vgate elm327 device.

    I am able to pair to both my Nexus 1 and my android tablet (Torque), BUT, for over 1/2 hour, the device could not connect to the car ecu. Finally, it did, but it was unresponsive – the rpms stayed the same no matter how fast the engine was going. The adapter status indicated 20+ errors and increasing. The note just above the error count said that the errors should stay zero, or else the adaptor is bad.

    What do you suggest?

  14. glen

    I have just set up OBD2 reader with my galaxy phone using Blue Tooth with Torque. Everything seems to be worknig fine except it does not connect with my ECU. I drive a Volvo V70. Is there anything I can do to connect to my ECU with this setup? Would the fault codes be correct if it is not connecting with the ECU?


  15. Bill Woods

    No problems here!

    Just wanted to say thanks! Ordered the ODBII Sunday 29-JAN-12 and received it today 01-FEB. That’s great service!

    I followed the instructions that came with it and it works perfect!

    I paired it with my phone (Thunderbolt) and when I opened the free version of Torque it connected right up. I didn’t even have to configure Torque!

    Thanks again! I’ve already recommended it to 2 of my friends and they will be ordering soon.

  16. Geoff

    Hi – is there some free ware that will work on Mac OS 10.5.8?

  17. muzaber

    he adquirido un dispositivo elm 327 interface ,lo conecto en mi jeep el dispositivo lo toma (bluetoodt) pero cuando voy TORQUE me aparece un mensaje que dice THERE IS NO BLUETOODT HARDWARE,mi celes un huawei u8220-gracias

  18. ImranAshab

    Dear Sir
    is it normal for the ELM327 Bluetooth to have two COM ports, one for sending and the other for reseving. on my laptop it takes COM15 & COM16

    Best regards

  19. Chris Edwards

    I know the elm327 interface is only for the check engine light – but will it stil read the codes kick up from an airbag light – so i can at least identify the problem?

  20. Sorin Iliescu

    I got the OBDII ELM327 Bluetooth with firmware 1.5. I have a 2008 Toyota Auris (Corolla), and I did try to connect the OBD tool with my car, I get the following errors:
    -on Android 3.2.1 (Honeycomb) it connects via Bluetooth, and when I run Torque Pro and I go to see the OBD Tool status, I see that while the software successfully reports that the BT connection is OK and that it connect to the OBD, it reports that there is no connection to the ECU and fails to pull any other data from the sensors.
    -on three different portable PC using Windows 1 x XP SP3, 2 x Window 7, it successfully connect to the to the OB tool via bluetooth, on hardware com port 3, but the when I start running diagnostic software, I can see in the software log that it successfully open communication on port 3, then it successfully read from the OBD tool various information like name, firmware version, etc, but then it fails to get any data from the car sensors, so I guess that again the OBD tool can’t communicate with the car ECU.
    Is my OBDII tool faulty?

    • Have the car running for your first connection to the ecu (troubleshooting purposes) For Android; Make sure the OBD-II is selected in the Torque preferences menu. For Win; Make sure you are connecting to the right com-port, check in the device manager when you connect the adapter.

      If all else fails, try it in another vehicle.

  21. Gerald Martin

    received the ELM327 OBDII interface couple of days ago after ordering it 5 days earlier. It connected immediately with my Android phone (Samsung Galazy) and seems to work properly.
    Thank you

  22. Phil

    Rec’d the ELM327 Ver 1.5a today. On my laptop running Windows 7 I had no problem in getting the driver to load properly, make the Com port connection, and the software such as EasyOBD to see the ELM327 Ver 1.5a; however, when hooking it up to my 2009 Toyota Fortuner SUV 3.0L Diesel the software will not obtain OBD data from the SUV.

    When using EasyOBDII software, I get PC Communication Port OK and Interface Connected –PWM/ISO/VPW/CAN Multi-Protocol on program startup. When clicking the EasyOBD Go Online With Vehicle icon I get a Vehicle Data Bus Okay, but when it comes to show “any” data all the remaining EasyOBD icons are grayed out and on the Show Live Data line I get the response of No Vehicle Response / Connection Power.

    All cable connections are firmly in place…removed and reinserted several times all connections from my computer USB connector to the ELM327 and the ELM327 to vehicle OBD connector. Tried to obtain a data connection with the SUV engine running and with just the Ignition to On but engine not running. Basically, the device will not read any data from the vehicle/make a connection to the vehicle OBD data. Tried several other OBD related software packages with basically the same results–no communications with the vehicle.

    What is the fix?

    • Phil

      After additional research/googling I have determined your ELM327 USB OBDII device will not work with my 2009 Toyota Fortuner SUV (Asian version of a 4Runner) which is made for the Asian market. Although my Fortuner has a OBDII “looking” 16-pin connector and your connector fits fine, the OBD pin-out of my Fortuner (and other Toyota’s made for the Asian market) is different than the OBDII pin-out. Many Toyota’s made for the Asian market use the Multiplex OBD (MOBD) standard—like my Fortuner—-which is not compatible with the OBDII standard. On a worldwide basis there are still too many OBD versions being used. Oh well, I’ll save your device for my next vehicle as maybe it will be OBDII compatible. Cheers.

  23. komlin naidoo

    Can elm 327 bluetooth adapter be used on and OBD1 vehicle if connected with the obd1 to obd2 harness?

  24. Zorik

    For lots of Elm327 software go to this website: http://obd.net84.net/elm327.htm. There is free download and links to official sofware websites.

  25. cj404

    I’m having no luck with this device. My android phone using Torque, will only show “no paired bluetooth device set”
    On my laptop using easyobd2, all I get is “interface communication failure check connections and power” and “interface communications error obd2 timeout”. I tried uninstalling the drivers and device several times, no luck, changed the com ports, Com#2-5 ports that you suggest using were already in use by others. When I plug in the bluetooth dongle, in device manager two different adapters come up, so I went ahead and put one on com3 and one on com4. Same results. Nothing. Device is possible defective.

    • Start out by trying to connect to your Android phone, it is easier. Just pair it, load torque and select it from the preferences menu. It should begin to connect to the ecu on it’s own.

  26. Joris

    When loading EasyOBD-II the connection fails. I can choose between com1 to com5 for the connection.
    When running OBD2spy the connection is made with com7.
    How can I use EasyOBD-II when using com7? Or is it possible to change com7 into com1-com5?

  27. David

    My ELM 327 Wifi Interface device doesn’t transmit an SSID, does anyone have a user manual with what the LED’s mean or anyone have any idea why I can’t see an SSID? Tried an iPhone, iPad, MackbookPro and Lenovo Laptop running windows 7.

  28. Kristijan

    I have an elm327 usb interface and I connect to my Fiat Punto 1.2 2003, and it runs ok with scanmaster or software similar to that, but when I connect to my audi a3 1.6 1997, it’s not reading it, when I was buying I read that it is compatible with it but it just don’t work, and my audi is also full obd compatible, any help, is it the software or?

  29. anthony

    I purchased the Elm 327 and it worked perfectly,I then gave it away to a friend because I ordered 2 more,but I cannot get the new ones to work. It just keeps saying cannot connect to ecu. Any ideas? I’m using a DroidRazr max phone.

    • Restart Bluetooth on your phone by disabling and re-enabling it. From there, un-pair from the old adapter and pair to the new one. Also, be sure to select the new adapter in the Torque preferences menu.

  30. anthony

    It also says paired but not connected in my bluetooth settings

  31. Dave Poole

    Received today. Popped it in and works great with my Galaxy. Immediately found out my Probe GT was timed at 12 degrees BDC instead of 8. This may explain some of my idle issues. Plenty of useful info while on the track, but would like to log fuel pressure, air intake, timing advance, and basically every other tidbit of info while racing. Torque does a great job displaying it, but is there a better Android app for logging?

  32. Paul

    What does interface communication error mean and how do I fix it?

  33. Mike 91

    Hello I have an ELM 327 usb interface but I was wondering what software to use to be able to see also some live data from the ECU for my 2007 Hyundai Tucson, CRDI. Thanks

  34. george

    hello to all
    i have bought an elm327 buetooth and i paired with my htc hd(wm 6.1) with a code 1234 and the obd gauge software with no broblem. Now with a new elm327 bluetooth i can’t pair using 6789 000 1111 5678. when i use 1234 it seems right i give a serial port number but when it saving it pops up a message that says that elm want to conect with the phone starting all over. when i give 1234 it says that its not the correct code. i continue with no code it seems all ok but then all over again with the pop up message. please help with any any idea

  35. paul

    hi i have an audi a4 b5 platform which is can base i can only get 1 piece of software to work via my elm327 any suggestion s please i can not get auto eniquity to work

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  37. my andriod 2.2 won’t discover to my ELM 327 OBD ll. the OBD II only has A steady red light on and that’s all that happens I have torgue on andriod 2.2

  38. Pingback: What did you do to your GMT today? - Page 76

  39. Tilo

    XP, no bluetooth build in so I use a bluetooth dongle, which connects using port 4 and 5, the dongle is shown as “radio” using port 4 nad 5, but no elm327 anywhere in sight (the elm327: red light on).
    How to force communication between the dongle and the elm327?

    • Tilo

      uninstall the software and start with the dongle only. Once that is installed under XP – more or less on its own when plugged in, may take some time however – (select to show the bluetooth icon) click on that and make sure the device is working – it should say something like radio connected to com4 and com5.
      Then install the software and take care NOT to change the port settings, select IGNORE instead – this should show the progress of interfacing and connecting. If you change the port settings you might send the programm searching forever, picking this search up front each time you start the program.

  40. WRX

    Installed driver, Seems to be working but most of the free software either does not detect it on any port or just wayyy to slow!

  41. Genaro Hernández

    Hi! I’m electromechanical proffesor in the best school of mechanics in Puerto Rico and The Carribean. I bought the OBD-II Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface because I want to demostrate to my class groups how to use it. I can’t install it in my laptop with Windows 7. I need some help because I want them to buy some and learn how to use it.
    Thank you very much for your time and I will wait for your answer.

  42. andy barnett

    hi ive connected my elm 327 usb interface between my laptop and my audi and renaulat and it keeps saying connection error/timedout
    any ideas

  43. peter snell

    ELM327 OBD-II wifi will not connect to ipad2 at all …have followed all instructions to the letter …regards vfrom peter….

  44. Fisnik


    I purchased the wifi elm327 module.
    And the problem is that I cant find SSID from module?!
    I tried wifiobd, obddevie, no success!
    Same with iphone and android device.

    any advice

  45. Teodor Todorov

    Hi. Can you give us the specification of how much ELM 327 charges the battery in both – in working and in not working regims when is placed into the OBD II can?

  46. Baross

    Why not connect my ELM327 to the ECU of the car? Help please. Thank you.

  47. Mark bentley

    Does the elm327 sensor work with the iphone app bluedriver?

  48. wimpie

    I need software to run on my samsung galaxy tablet running android can you assist

  49. MdnghtPgmr

    I got the USB version and after downloading the updated driver from this site, everything worked great. No problems. I’m using the EasyODBII software on a Windows 7 laptop and it works great. Thanks again for an affordable, valuable tool.

    • Hawk

      Hi there, I need quick help,
      ELM 327 USB version, I connect it to windows 7 usb port, in my device and printers I see a device called ” Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port” with a yellow triangle sign beside it. I also changed windows setting to install drivers automatically and also downloaded lasted drivers from this website manually. Not sure what should I do to see if this thing is working ?

  50. Donovan

    Hi, I have an elm327 bluetooth device, I have tried it and it worked successfully on a 2006 hyundai Getz, 2012 ford ranger, 2008 toyota avensis, 2003 isuzu. However when trying it on a 2011 toyota fortuner, a 2003 vw citi golf 1, a 2009 golf 5 gti and a 2003 opel/vauxhall bakkie it keeps giving a message”cannot communicate with device, make sure the ignition I turned on” please help

  51. Samuel Romero

    Necesito su ayuda, ya instale el OBDWiz y siempre que intento establecer coneccion se pierde la coneccion bluetooth de mi pc con el Escaner :( no se que hacer, o si me pueden dar los pasos, o que software bluetooth puedo usar?

  52. T

    Hi Everyone,

    I had similar linking problems with my 2000 Town Car. I would get error message that said no vehicle response /no power. Gave up trying everything I could to get it to work. Tried a different scanner that also would not connect. FINALLY used my head and checked FUSES. Fuse for DLC was BLOWN. WORKS 100% now.

  53. cyberjack

    Samsung Tab2 ELM327 Paired but it wont paired with my apps, Guidance!!

  54. Hello, I have a USB ELM327 1.2a version, you can upload the new firmware 1.4? Thank you for your answer

  55. Mark

    I have just received the ELM327 OBD-II USB interface. Does anyone know of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the interface? I would like to read sensor data (RPM) from the interface in real-time from my software application (written in C). Any links to sample code would be very useful. Thanks for reading

  56. Dario

    sorry, i have this http://interfusellc.com/shop/mini-interfuse-elm327-v1-5-obd-ii-bluetooth-car-diagnostic-adapter/ interfuse adapter… wanted to know if it is possible to increase the speed of reading of the adapter, so as to have a frequency of readings greater. Thank you!

  57. Alex

    Here’s a proper step-by-step guide to installing ELM327 USB/Bluetooth on Windows: http://www.totalcardiagnostics.com/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=1

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